Here's Why Your Company Might Need TSCM

Technical surveillance countermeasure services, more commonly abbreviated as TSCM services, can help protect your company from hackers, eavesdroppers, and others who might want to do you harm. The most common form of TSCM is having a professional come in to search a room or building for bugs or wiretaps. Here's why you might want to think of using this service for your company. You Work for High-Stakes in a Secretive Environment [Read More]

A Few Reasons To Install Fire Protection

There are a few reasons that homeowners invest in security equipment. The main reason is they want the peace of mind knowing that the home is protected. There are many burglaries that occur each year, so getting a security system does make sense. Something that should be added to every security system is fire protection. Approximately one in every 320 households reported a home fire during in a five year period. The main problem is that these fires caused 2,570 civilian deaths, 13,210 civilian injuries, and $7. [Read More]

4 Ways A Great Monitoring Station Can Make Life Easier On An Installation Engineer

As a security systems installation engineer, you'll always be on the lookout for ways to improve your job. One of the best services available to security companies is monitoring stations — companies that actively monitor your security systems and alert both you and the relevant authorities of any problems that may occur. However, the services offered by a monitoring station go further than this. Below are four ways these companies can make life easier for you as a security installation engineer: [Read More]

The Rights And Responsibilities Of Security Guards: Duties Involved With Arresting, Searching And Banning

Canada has witnessed a huge surge in private security services and forces with more than 140,000 security guards employed in 2013. Although security guards have a duty to patrol and maintain a secure and safe environment, they do not have the same rights and responsibilities as police officers. This article will outline the rights and duties of a security guard in regards to arresting, searching and even banning people from your private property or business. [Read More]