Here's Why Your Company Might Need TSCM

Technical surveillance countermeasure services, more commonly abbreviated as TSCM services, can help protect your company from hackers, eavesdroppers, and others who might want to do you harm. The most common form of TSCM is having a professional come in to search a room or building for bugs or wiretaps. Here's why you might want to think of using this service for your company.

You Work for High-Stakes in a Secretive Environment

Are trade secrets treated like gold in your line of work? If your company is working on something new and proprietary, it can give you a competitive advantage to keep it a secret for as long as possible. While in an ideal world your competitors would keep any competitive actions above the table, it's a dog-eat-dog world out there and you need to be prepared for the worst. Having a squad of TSCM pros sweep your executive offices on a regular basis will allow you to conduct business with confidence.

You Need to Prepare a Remote Work Site

Even if you feel like security within your own building is good enough, you might benefit from using a TSCM service the next time your executive team goes out on a retreat or business trip. A TSCM professional can sweep your hotel room, the conference room, and any other area where business might be discussed. Don't let someone shady have an easy opportunity to snoop on your work outside of your normal working space. You can work with the event site to have the area swept for potential issues before anyone from your team arrives, and if all goes well, no one will even know that the sweep was conducted.

You Need People Who Think Like Hackers to Catch Hackers

Besides just sweeping for bugs, TSCM companies also offer computer services such as sweeping your hard drive with enterprise-grade software to check for viruses and potential backdoors onto your network. If you have previously been compromised due to a hack, you should get your entire operation checked out by someone who thinks like a hacker every day. A TSCM professional will be able to inspect your setup and offer next steps to clean up your computer systems and keep them clean going forward.

If your company needs to maintain a high level of secrecy in order to maintain a competitive advantage, you should reach out to a company that offers technical surveillance countermeasure services today for more information.