4 Ways A Great Monitoring Station Can Make Life Easier On An Installation Engineer

As a security systems installation engineer, you'll always be on the lookout for ways to improve your job. One of the best services available to security companies is monitoring stations — companies that actively monitor your security systems and alert both you and the relevant authorities of any problems that may occur. However, the services offered by a monitoring station go further than this. Below are four ways these companies can make life easier for you as a security installation engineer:

Allows You to Maximize Your Time on the Job

Installing security systems on large premises requires a large amount of time to be spent on-site. Typically, these jobs are tricky and require a great deal of attention to ensure everything is installed correctly. Couple this with the physical labor involved with installation work and you'll soon realize the importance of maximizing your time on-site.

When it comes to sourcing a monitoring station, it's best to opt for one highly efficient at dealing with connection paperwork. Once you send the required forms over, you'll want the monitoring station to process the paperwork quickly to ensure your on-site installations are up and running right away. By choosing a monitoring station that has an efficient manner of dealing with the necessary paperwork, you can maximize your time on-site troubleshooting rather than having to process the details on your own.

Offers Comprehensive Technical Support to Engineers On-site

Monitoring stations can make life much easier for an on-site engineer. If you have no previous experience with a monitoring station, you may be accustomed to directly contacting manufacturers for technical support with their products. However, monitoring stations can actually troubleshoot a wide variety of technical problems, offering a "one-stop shop" for technical queries.

The best monitoring stations will have invested time and money in testing equipment from a variety of manufacturers. This gives them the knowledge to help you when faced with difficult installations. It's important to ensure the cost of this support is factored in to the overall costs of the monitoring station, rather than a "pay as you go" scheme. This will give you the peace of mind you need when tackling tricky installation jobs.

Allows You to Track all of Your Installations

It's vitally important engineers and security companies are able to monitor their installations throughout their design life. Technical faults can occur over time, and it's important the security of the site is upheld by allowing engineers to track these faults as they occur.

As such, it's important your monitoring station is entirely transparent with on-site faults and technical problems. The best monitoring stations will allow installers to view each of their sites, track the integrity of the security systems, make notes about potential problems and resolve issues as they arise.

Add Value to Your Client's Security Concerns

As an on-site engineer, your main concern is upholding the integrity of security systems to ensure each site is offered the level of security required. Keeping your clients happy is important as an engineer, as it is these clients who will offer repeat business for your security company.

However, your choice of monitoring station can add real value to your client by continuously tracking the integrity of the security systems in place. By choosing a central monitoring system that focuses on establishing a good working relationship with engineers, you can rest assured your installation work will be supported to the highest level.

One of the best metrics you can use to measure a monitoring station's reliability is the time taken to respond to security alarms. When something goes wrong on-site, or there is reason to believe an intrusion has taken place, you'll want to know the monitoring station has the experience to readily handle this problem and alert the necessary people. As such, consider asking each potential station about their average time to answer alarms, as this will give you a great insight into the company's efficiency and professionalism.